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Schoenweg kittens first walking day .

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How to introduce the kitten to your home

We advice to prepare the special room for the kitten just for few days in oder he got aquainted.Its good to get FEliway diffuser or in spray form before the kitten comes to reduce his stress or to make moving easier for your cat It helps your pet feel at home in his new environment and reduce potentially dangerous roaming: Plug in a Feliway Diffuser 48 hours, if possible, before moving in. The diffuser will help your cat adjust to his new surroundings for four weeks. Read more under The cats litter and a cats scratch tree should should be also their. We never declaw our cats and dont recommend it to do.Declawing is not an acceptable option for the beautiful, loving animal that depends on you. Scratching also serves to keep your cats nails shorter and to keep the cat in shape. The act of scratching stretches and pulls and works the muscles of a cat's front quarters--a cross between a feline gym workout and Kitty Yoga. All the chinchilla-cat Schoenweg babies learnt to use litter and scratch posts at the age of 3-4 weeks. When you introduce a kitten to your home let it find its own way out of the basket and allow it to explore one room at a time. Make sure that all doors and windows are shut, to prevent the kitten from escaping. Kittens are very often frightened by children or other pets that are new to them. Thats why its optimal to make the kitten has his own space at home .Children should therefore be recommended to be quiet and wait for the kitten to adopt to the new environment, while other animals should be introduced later, gradually and one at a time. Remember that adult cats might attack to the baby cat, since they confront it as a competitor and therefore as an enemy. Talk to your kitten calling his name and encourage it to play with a toy but do not over him with extreme attention.You may see how its better to do on our video Bar "Toreodor image"Chinchilla Cats Schoenweg" Schoenweg@ Chinchilla Cats@, British Shorthair silver shaded and chinchila colour, อังกฤษ Shorthair สีเงินสีเทาและสี สำหรับการขาย
Adorable shorthair kittens available for adoption Chinchillas are a variety of the British Shorthair cat. The Chinchilla is classed as a "silver" cat. Chinchillas of today have a quiet, gentle nature and would suitable for anyone . Chinchilla Cats Schoenweg have an affectionate character. They love human contact, they are intelligent, there is nothing implacable in their nature. Compact, powerful and well-balanced: they are peaceful animals who like to be with you constantly but at the same time do not demand too much. Gifted with lasting patience and confidence, they are a good cats to choose for children as they never scratch or reveal their claws even in play and also make friends with other household pets. They will not need grooming daily .They like follow you like a dog and watching TV with you .These cats is a perfect choice for the busy, working person who still wishes to have a cat with the beauty of the chinchilla.  Our cats are never caged. When a mother is pregnant she lives in our bedroom till she gets the kittens I have good opportunity to observe her all the time. When chinchilla kittens are born, they become part of our family and feel our love and care.They leave their home at not before 3-4 month old , by this time their breed quality and health are well seen and they have strong immune system as we keep them by their mother all this time Now our babies live in many countries of the whole world ,participate in breeding programs in respectful catteries and of course in shows. We dont have Champions Chinchilla Cats at home.We glad to grew up the future cats champions here. Indeed its a real pleasure to get the news about Chinchilla Cats Schoenweg great results. The most pictures of our cats you may see on P.S. We can speak English ,Deutsch,Русский...... And our cats know some words in three languages too.